Tent Wedding Woes

Posted on January 31, 2019 at 1:45 PM

I see it all the time...a couple decides to do a tent wedding in an open field or a barn.  Then they hire a catering company and pick a package without bringing the caterer to the venue or property first.  After a while, a site visit happens and the reality sets will now need $5,000 in rental equipment, tents and generators to accomplish the menu you have selected and accomodate all of the vendors you have hired.   Or, worse...the caterer tells you that it is simply not possible to accomplish your dream with what you have provided them. and you don't have any more money in the budget to fix what?

Well....if you don't know The Doctor or Marty McFly...some changes are going to have to be made and fast!

If you are dreaming of a barn or tent wedding and haven't gone down the rabbit hole yet....

1.  INVOLVE YOUR CATERER FROM DAY 1!  If you want a 5 course menu and delicately assembled platings, then make sure you have the budget and space to give them the tools they need.

2.  ASK THESE QUESTIONS about rentals, kitchen space, power supply available, potable water., restrooms, noise ordinances, parking restrictions, rain plans, insurance riders..the list goes on and on...BEFORE you give a deposit anywhere.

OR......HIRE A PLANNER BEFORE YOU DO ANY OF THIS AND THE ISSUES WON'T ARISE.  Trust me when I tell you that I have a list of about 200 items I check on every time I go see a venue.  Someone needs to be able to help you establish how much and what kind of power is needed where.  What tent sizes to use and which ones won't work.  Do you know what size kitchen tent suits what kind of menu?  Did you know that many venues are banning industrial coffee urns due to the amount of power they pull and how to deal with this?  Soooooo many things to think about and soooo many catastrophes that can be avoid if all of the plans A, B, C-Z are put into place ahead of time.  

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